Tim Lowe of Lowe Guardians

In this episode we chat to Tim Lowe of Lowe Guardians about his journey in business and the changing face of the Real Estate industry.

Tim Lowe is the founder and Director of Lowe Guardians and started his career as a graduate at Knight Frank where he examined the availability of truly affordable housing solutions for young workers in London.  The project labelled Lowe Cost Living was published in the Estates Gazette in 2014, subsequently the report was picked up by the Evening Standard, the Financial Times and the BBC. 

Throughout this period Tim lived as a property guardian and realised then that the guardian industry needed to be radically improved; on the one hand, property owners needed to receive a service they could trust and on the other, guardians deserved to live in better conditions.  

From this opportunity Tim started LOWE Guardians – a property guardian company with a difference.  Lowe Guardians is an ethical company which supports key workers and the most vulnerable in the community through the Lowe foundation.

Also in 2019 Tim launched a new venture Lowe Works new affordable workspace concept that offers flexible, high quality workspaces in local neighbourhoods with the first location in Parsons Green, London.

More details on Lowe Guardians can be found here and for LOWE Works click here.

Check out the beautiful Instagram feed here.

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